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NOTE: "IP Address Ban" removal requests MUST provide some form of reasonable justification for your activity that you believe lead to the ban. Requests without justification or that do not reasonably match our reasons for banning your access to our services will be blatantly ignored. Furthermore, our staff reserves full rights to ignore requests for internal reasons (political or otherwise). Finally, please read our policy on Internet service relations with east-Asian countries (link coming soon).

Legal Blurb:
Please note that, as a part of your request to contact us here at TBRN, that we may collect information regarding the IP Address and/or Reverse DNS of your Internet Connection at the time of your contact request. We respect your privacy, and rest assured that this information is only used by us to ensure feasibility of keeping communications with our users via this form reasonable for our staff members, and it will only be used to effect security measures in the case of blatant abuse, as our Network Security Staff may see fit.

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